Come enjoy a pedicure in our newly installed Pedicure Spa Chairs at Lighthouse Medi Spa !

          Reward yourself with us for some much deserved relaxation and self-care. Seated comfortably in our luxurious pedicure chairs, have a mineral hydrotherapy bath with aromatic oils & sea salts helps to melt away your daily stresses.
          Our licensed hand and foot experts are known for their dedication, friendliness and excellent foot massages not to mention many have 5 years plus of industry experience.Luxuriate in our custom treatments that enhance your nail health and personal style.The smoothing, softening, and refining of your skin takes place as an exfoliating lotion is combined with a smoothing cream to penetrate into the deepest layers of the arms and hands to reveal the most youthful looking skin.

          Lighthouse Luxury pedicure

Indulge your feet in a warm soak of purifying salts before we shape, buff, exfoliate and nourish your nails. A luxurious acupressure massage scrub is followed by a skin-softening wrap and reviving acupressure before toe nails are perfectly polished. Perfect!

          Lighthouse Signature Wine Spa

Pamper your hands and feet with the luxurious Lighthouse Wine Pedispa. It deep cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates the skin giving you smooth and soft hands and feet. It contains real grape extracts that contain antioxidants that help in skin renewal process and makes skin fresh


Lighthouse Luxury manicure 

Hands are soaked in a mineral-rich bath before nails are shaped, buffed, exfoliated and nourished. Essential oils and hydrating botanicals are massaged into your arms and hands before nails are given a final polish. Perfect!

Lighthouse Signature Waxing

          At Lighthouse  Medi Spa, we offer a combination of high quality Hot and Warm Wax to suit individual body areas. Our extensive experience in hair removal enables us to provide you with a speedy, thorough and comfortable waxing treatment.

Full Leg 40mins                  1/2 Leg 20mins                  Bikini 20mins             Brazilian 20mins                

 Arms 20mins                     Underarm 10mins             Eyebrows 10min         Lip/Chin 10mins

Lighthouse Threading

           Threading is a unique form of hair removal originating from India and practiced in many eastern countries. Threading has become widely popular  due to its fairly pain free and precise results. Suitable for most hair and skin types and particularly good for those who are sensitive to waxing on facial areas.