Unique to Lighthouse Medi Spa , Signature  Karna Purana therapy is a holistic procedure used to lubricate the delicate filaments of the ear canal, dislodging impurities and sharpening hearing.


     We begin Signature therapy with a vibrant head and neck healing Oil Application Therapy . This is followed by a gentle nurturing warm steam to the ears.




  • Reduces itching, dryness, and ringing in the ear

  • Effective for loss of hearing and reducing frequent ear infections

  • Opens up the sinus region, reducing head colds and allergy symptoms

  • Acts against the ill effects of air and noise pollution

  • Reduces impact of wax, mucus and accumulated candid (yeast)

  • Enhances the sense of hearing

  • Soothes Vata imbalance in the ears

  • Helps with Tinnitus, ringing in the ears, Vertigo, an ear congestion

  • Softens face and jaw tension.