There is no higher expression of our art than a Lighthouse Medi Spa® massage. Relax, breathe deeply and experience the benefits of custom massage therapy under the trained hands of our professional massage therapists. We are here to ensure you get exactly what you want out of your massage, whether you’re feeling completely stressed or you’re looking for relief from those nagging aches and pains. Few experiences in life can compare to the benefits of a professional massage. We invite you to choose a massage treatment that suits your needs. And please enjoy our elegant and beautifully appointed spa facilities, included as part of your experience.


Extreme Relaxation Therapy

     Just as the name implies, this is the perfect modality to relieve the stress and tightness caused by your hectic life so that you can return to schedule refreshed and rejuvenated. Blending Swedish and circulatory massage strokes, your therapist will gently knead your muscles to increase flexibility, stimulate circulation, and promote relaxation.


Deep Tissue – Firm Swedish Combination

     If your lifestyle involves sports or you’re deeply stressed, this massage was designed to really loosen you up. This targeted massage focuses on specific areas for deeper relief using slow stroke techniques. The Deep Tissue massage will leave you feeling deeply appreciative of the talented hands of your Lighthouse Medi Spa®  therapist. The ultimate massage combination to leave you relaxed and refreshed. Your therapist will combine firm Swedish strokes with the deeper slow stroke techniques of a Deep Tissue massage.


Extreme Sports Massage

         Whether you're sore from spin class or snowboarding, this mega-muscle relaxing massage pinpoints your most painful parts with a pack, deep tissue work with a spasm-soothing oil, and application of an instant refreshing gel. 


Australian Rubber Neck Ultimate

     'Shrug' off tension with this targeted rubdown, which includes a pre-massage pack followed by kneading, stretching and acu-pressing to work the boulders out of your neck, shoulders, and scalp. (note: this is not a full body massage.) 


The Ginger Rub

     A massage legend that boasts a brisk rub of freshly grated, circulation stimulating ginger root and warm detoxifying essential oils, a cozy warming foil wrap and a full body massage to get to the 'root' of your tension. 

Signature Reflexology

     Let us treat your t-zone and your toasties in tandem by soaking up a sole- spoiling session during your facial.  


Novice Mom Rubdown

     Take a break from the new bundle with a muscle-melting massage, and let your recovering belly relax in a tummy-toning 'tight' on target treatment that'll leave you feeling like one hot mama. 


Stretch therapy

     Powered by Ayurveda, this tailored treatment was created to help you shake off stress, increase circulation and deliver sweet, sweet relief to stiff, achy muscles. Our specially trained massage therapists will provide a 100% controlled and comfortable deep-stretching session that will leave you and your muscles feeling completely rejuvenated and brand-spanking new. 


Rhythm Massage

     Listen up while you loosen up with this rhythmic rubdown, which gives tense spots a 'tune'-up while you tune out with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones playing your choice of four music mixes. Your therapist will massage to the beat for a sensory soothing session what hits all the right notes-and the right knots 



     Choose from one of our specially formulated lotions to create the aromatic massage that is just right for you. Enjoy the healing benefits of our natural aromas with RELAX and STRESS RELIEF. Then, take the remaining lotion home for future use.


Himalayan Hot Stone Therapy

     Melt away tension with the ultimate massage tool, hot stones. Hot stones help your therapist to further relax tight muscles, ease stiffness and increase circulation. Add Hot Stones to a Pure Relaxation or Deep Tissue massage.


Detox Therapy

     Help your body eliminate toxins and restore a natural balance. Himalayan salt exfoliates the skin and detoxifies the body in conjunction with our new detoxifying aromatherapy blend of juniper, cypress, ginger, fennel and lavender.


Hydrating Body Polish

     Marine oils nourish, soften and visibly restructure your skin, while sea salts and toning crystals polish and strengthen tissue. Your skin will become soft, smoothed, and moisturized. The ultimate body treatment, our Hydrating Body Polish includes a very special foot massage.


Pre- and Post- Natural massage

     To receive a pre-natal massage you must be past your first trimester.
Pregnancy is a time of extra stress on the joints, including neck, shoulder, and lower back tension, no matter what the trimester. A pre-natal massage is an important part of the health regimen of any mother-to-be, as important as taking the proper vitamins and eating for two. This massage stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage while it soothes your tired, overburdened muscles.

After you’ve delivered, distended muscles can be more quickly returned to their normal state with post-natal massage. Structural homeostasis will return to your body as circulation and lymphatic drainage are gently stimulated