Lighthouse Medi Spa offers  Signature Kizhi Treatment -the combination of Ayurvedic relaxation full body massage and special rejuvenation massage technique done by herb-rice bags. Skin and vessels are first slowly heated and then subsequently gently cooled – so called “vessel gymnastics”. Therefore, the package has a positive effect on revitalization of vascular system.  


     At Lighthouse Medi Spa, a generous amount of  highly medicated oil is applied to the whole body and then the body is massaged with small cotton cloth boluses filled with cooked Njavara rice.

     The application causes delicate skin sweating which helps to get rid of unwanted toxins. The body is subsequently massaged by a special technique where cotton bags filled with the mixture of rice, healing herbs and oils are applied. During the massage, the bags are dipped into warm herb milk. The temperature of applied mixture heats individual muscle parts and joints.


Benefits of Njavarakizhi 


  • Strengthening nerves

  • Calming stress

  • Ailments

  • Curing neurological disorders

  • Alleviating rheumatism

  • Relieving arthritis

  • Nourishing limbs

  • Beautifying skin


Body Polishing Therapy