Deep relaxing Rejuvenation Treatment

     Lighthouse Medi Spa® offers Shirodhara - a luxurious treatment in which you will relax your subconscious mind to to peacefullness . Warm medicated herbal oil is poured in a steady slow stream over the “third eye This delightful sensation melts away all chatter and mental activity leaving the mind calmed, cooled and refreshed.


     A selection of oils, it is also possible to do the treatment with other things like milk, butter milk or even a combination including honey. All the ingredients will be blended by Lighthouse Medi Spa’s® professional ayurvedic practitioner in order to achieve the best results to balance the doshas to awaken and stimulate all of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components regulated by this chakra.


Benefits of the Shirodhara Treatment


         According to traditional texts (Astanga Hrdaya: Sutra 2:7-8), this Shirodhara technique, if done correctly and accordingly, is known to accomplish miraculous healing. Some are listed here:


  • Mesmerizing and tantalizing effects

  • Treatment of several diseases connected with the head, neck, eyes, ears, nose, throat

  • Helpful against insomnia

  • For nervous disorders and dispositions

  • Helps relieve tension headaches

  • Reduces shoulder and neck pains

  • Prevention of premature graying of hair

  • Increases luster and form of hair and more