Spa Packages

                              We believe that health, wellness and beauty are intricately  linked. For the optimal Lighthouse Medi Spa®  experience, we encourage guests to choose one of our spa packages, which include Tea Spend a Day® with us and enjoy one of several of Lighthouse Medi Spa®  Signature Services.

Kerala Tradional Ayurveda       01.30 hours             

             Involving specially formulated warmed herbal oil massage and a nourishing and revitalising treatment-has a profoundly balancing effect on the brain while stimulating the nervous system.Combining these two potent treatments helps connect the body and mind at a deeper level while removing toxins, increase circulation and completely relaxing the muscles

Holiday Glow      01.40 hours             

             Let the stress of the day melt away with a herbal tea, followed by a 50-minute Lighthouse®Signature Swedish massage and  a Lighthouse® Delight Facial. This popular massage modality offers long strokes and therapeutic stretches. Restore yourself to a calm yet energized state of relaxation and beauty.

Holiday Retreat    02.00 hrs                                       

               Succumb to a relaxing 60 minutes Lighthouse® Pure Relaxation Massage using a mist of relaxing essential oils. Your retreat begins with a herbal tea followed by a Lighthouse®Signature Pedicure and completed with warm moist towels for the feet, a definitive must during the holidays with all the shopping , personalized to your desired pressure (for those who prefer moderate or firm pressure) with Lighthouse ®Relaxation Massage Oil blend. Includes a gift of special aromatherapy oil to continue your spa experience at home

Holiday Sparkle     02.30 hrs 

                             Most popular. Begin with a herbal tea and a 50-minute therapeutic  Lighthouse® Signature holistic  Abhyanga Massage- ancient luxuriously relaxing, so blissfully comforting as a full-body warm oil massage, rev up your body and mind, gearing them up for peak  performance.  Lighthouse® Ayurvedic Signature Herbal Facial restores and maintain a healthy look.  Finish with one of our most popular foot treatments- Lighthouse®Deluxe Pedicure. With our Facial package of four treatments we offer a complimentary set o our special Dosha Pacifying Skincare which can be used on a daily basis at home for cleansing, toning and moisturising.

Holiday Glitz          02.50 hrs 

                             Sure to be a favorite part of your holidays! This lustrous package will leave you feeling refined and polished complete from top to toe. Your retreat begins with a herbal tea , a relaxing 30-minute Lighthouse® Himalayan Hot Stone Massage and a 40-minute Custom-blended use of our Lighthouse®  Signature Body Scrub Therapy and Body Oils will bring the body’s energy flow into alignment.  is followed by our Lighthouse® VITAMIN C WHITE EFFECT Facial , designed to reveal a brighter complexion.  Following your facial experience, your feet are pampered during our Lighthouse® Luxury pedicure.  Now take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your favorites from of Lighthouse Medi Spa. 

His or Hers Package     03.00 hrs

                         One of our most popular packages. Enjoy over 03 hours of pure sugary bliss as your body unwinds . Indulge in soothing Signature services. Whether you select our Deluxe manicure facial and pedicure with  any of our Signature Massage services, you will enjoy the tranquil experience and the transformational environment.

Holiday’ Haven      04 hrs

                    An absolutely delicious way to celebrate your holiday or a special occasion together. For those of you who have never experienced Divine Ayurveda. This is an affordable way to try its benefits without breaking the bank. Enjoy a 40 minute soothing  Signature Ayurveda Rejuvenation Massage   to help relax the mind and the soul. A refreshing Deluxe Facial and Signature Manicure accompany this package. These are  royal  facial and Manicure that will leave the skin looking radiant and refreshed (Most of the products used are either natural or from our organic skincare line..