Weight Loss Treatment


     Lighthouse Medi Spa’s® Signature Udvardhana  combines therapeutic hand-on techniques with soothing  herbal powder from mixture of 4-grain flour and legume and herbs.

 Our expertly trained Massage Therapist will tailor this session to reflect your body’s needs.


     Lighthouse Medi Spa’s®Signature Udvardhana  procedure specifically supports the effect of weight loss and sluggish circulation, tonifies perfectly the entire organism and all systems. It essentially improves the state of the skin, nourishing and sheening it and it has rejuvenating and cleansing effect. Udvartana massage ensures special freshness, being trim, self-confidence and genuine rest.




  • Weight loss and decreased fat layers

  • Tonifying and trimming of skin and muscles after delivering the baby

  • Alleviating sluggishness

  • Rejuvenating and sheening of the skin

  • Revival and renewal of tactile sensibility

  • Removing the consequences of harsh weight loss